Raphael was taught to crochet by his mother at the age of twelve. One financially inadequate Christmas,┬áhis mother showed him, his brothers, and sisters how to crochet. Raphael stuck with it over the years after that Christmas and started making things for his childhood friends and… enemies. After years of discovery, struggle and hard work, Raphael started to see a business in his craft. Friends would suggest Raphael create his clothing a certain way. Then, while washing dishes for two years, 6 days/week 8 hours/day, one day a client/friend commissioned Raphael to make her a skirt and top piece. Crystol was the catalyst that launched Raphael’s company from craft to business. Crystol also inspired the idea for the name NEWDIGGS through her purchase. That day is when NEWDIGGS was born. You design what you buy. Intuitive, Personal, Crochet Fashion!!!

Raphael KROshay